Please consider asking these important questions of any attorney you plan to hire, particularly if you are considering an attorney to defend you if you are at risk of foreclosure:

Will an experienced attorney or partner work on my case?

Some law firms will agree to discuss your matter with you, only to push you off on an inexperienced associate or, even worse, a non-attorney paralegal. Then, after you retain their firm, they will refuse to let you speak to the named partner or experienced lawyer you thought you were hiring, instead forcing you to speak with unlicensed paralegals or inexperienced associates.

At King, Nieves & Zacks, our commitment to you is that you will always be able to directly contact one of the partners of the firm. We will never force you to meet with inexperienced attorneys, and work on your matter will not be prepared by paralegals. We encourage you to ask our competitors if they can make the same promise.

Has my attorney’s work been cited?

Many “foreclosure defense” attorneys nowadays claim they can help homeowners in distress. However, very few of the attorneys who might perform actual work on your case have been cited for their work as much as the attorneys of King, Nieves & Zacks. We encourage you to ask any firm you might be considering whether any attorney you may have read about will actually be working on your case, rather than paralegals or inexperienced associates.

At King, Nieves, & Zacks, you can be assured that the attorney you hire will be the attorney working on your case and speaking with you – not paralegals or associates. To give just a few examples, previous foreclosure defense work and research conducted by attorneys at our firm has been cited by a number of entities, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Inspector General, the Congressional Research Service, the Supreme Court of the State of Washington, and the former Ohio Secretary of State. Our attorneys have also conducted a number of successful appeals in Florida courts.

At King, Nieves & Zacks, our attorneys have been sought out for numerous media appearances, including CBS National Evening News, BBC World News America, Fox Business Channel, National Public Radio, the Washington Post, USA Today, and a host of other local and national media.

We encourage you to compare our qualifications with those of any other firm you may be considering. At King, Nieves & Zacks, you can be sure that your work will never be pawned off to untested associates or unlicensed paralegals, but will be handled by experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.

Is my attorney a sought-after teacher of other attorneys?

Many foreclosure attorneys will claim they are industry leaders or trailblazers. But is the actual attorney who will be working on your case someone who is sought after to teach other attorneys about this practice area?

At King, Nieves & Zacks, our attorneys have consistently been invited to lecture attorneys nationwide about issues in foreclosure litigation. We will never attend to your matter by assigning work to attorneys learning on the job or to unlicensed paralegals.

Does the attorney or firm I am considering hold itself to the highest ethical standards?

You must ask this question of any attorney or firm you are considering paying your hard-earned money to. Other firms representing homeowners in Florida, including Palm Beach County foreclosure defense attorneys, have had sanctions levied against them or have been accused of troubling practices, including professional misconduct, improper use of the judicial disqualification procedure, and failing to adequately verify defenses presented to courts.

Don’t take the risk of giving your money to attorneys with questionable past conduct. At King, Nieves & Zacks, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and will not engage in the conduct mentioned above.

Will the attorney I am considering actively work on settling my case?

Don’t fall victim to the all too common scenario in foreclosure litigation: some firms will take your money, file a few documents in court, and let your case sit while they collect fees.

At King, Nieves & Zacks, our promise is to consistently work towards a final settlement in your case to enable you to keep your home or to walk away without fear of further liability. Many firms do not have the time or the willpower to continually work on your behalf for an out of court settlement.

Be sure to ask any attorney you are considering how much of their workload per case is dedicated towards achieving settlement, rather than just continually litigating in court. Don’t fall victim to empty promises that endless and expensive in-court litigation will save your home.

Is the attorney I am considering recognized as a leader in the community?

The attorneys at King, Nieves & Zacks have consistently been recognized as leaders in the community. Our attorneys include the Managing Director of the West Palm Beach Athletic League, a member of the Lake Worth Planning and Zoning Commission, and an officer of the Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association. At KNZ, you will be proud of your attorneys and the work we do in the community.

We encourage you to ask all of these questions before entrusting someone to represent you in court. We feel certain that when you compare our qualifications to those of other firms, you will be confident in your decision to retain us.