Dustin Zacks’ Article Discussed by Brooklyn Law School Professor David Reiss

By March 19, 2013 February 12th, 2018 No Comments

KNZ Law is pleased to announce that Dustin Zacks’ recent publication, Revenge of The Clerks: MERS Confronts County Clerk and Qui Tam Lawsuits, was highlighted for discussion by Professor David Reiss on the REFinBlog, a blog focusing on “the rapidly changing world of real estate finance.”  Reiss’ post may be found by clicking here.

In his discussion, Professor Reiss – a leading expert on mortgage markets, ratings agencies, and housing issues – analyzes both the substance and conclusion of Zacks’ article.

Reiss, who along with Professor Brad Borden, made waves for recent articles on REMIC classification of Mortgage-Backed Securities, ultimately concludes that Zacks’ analysis of the risks MERS faces from clerks’ lawsuits:

Seems to be the right assessment of where things stand.